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Birmingham Lofts is pleased to provide you with the following information and links to various Birmingham-related sites. Birmingham, founded in 1871 and the largest city in the state, is a city with a lot going on. Located in Jones Valley near the southern end of the Appalachian system, it enjoys a varied topography that affords some amazing views.

Downtown Birmingham is in a period of growth and has a renewed focus on residential living.  Many new lofts and condos are being built and renovated, allowing for re-use of some gorgeous older downtown buildings that have been vacant in years past.  The number of people living in downtown Birmingham has risen sharply over the last decade and that number is estimated to continue to rise as new housing inventory of all types becomes available in the downtown market.

"Lights are winking on all over Birmingham, in fact, with dilapidated structures bustling with renewed activity. Bankers, artists, realtors, lawyers and architects have decided to make downtown their home, and it's resulting in a rebirth of the Magic City's center."
Birmingham Magazine

Long a leading iron and steel center, called the Pittsburgh of the South, Birmingham industry has diversified since the 1970s to include textiles, chemicals, automotive parts, and aircraft production. The city's economic focus has moved toward health-care services, commerce, banking, insurance, and research. A leading New South city, Birmingham developed rapidly with the expansion of railroads and its connection with the Gulf of Mexico by canal, and has become a trade and communications center.

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